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er nødvendig for at slibe savbånd med en Wood-Mizer sliber

5-liters beholder

Slibeolie til CBN-sliber

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er nødvendig for at slibe savbånd med en Wood-Mizer sliber

5-liters beholder

  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Beskrivelse Slibeolie til CBN-sliber

What kind of oil is it?

It’s a mineral type of grinding oil used in a range of sharpeners. Its main function is to cleanse the abrasive structure of the grinding wheel from clogging by removing dirt and metal filings. When there isn’t enough oil used for grinding, or when the oil is of low quality, the grinding wheel will get dull too quickly decreasing the efficiency of grinding operation.

Why to use this oil over others?

This kind of oil is tested and fully complies with Polish National Institute of Public Health, National Institute of Hygene. It’s important to keep in mind that during grinding with a CBN wheel, some amount of toxic fumes are released and may be inhaled by the operator. The grinding oil used in Wood-Mizer sharpeners is SAFE for the operator and doesn’t give off any harmful vapor. It cleanses the wheel from dirt and metal filings allowing for long-lasting and trouble-free grinding operation.

How often should it be changed?

The best practice is to observe the color and consistency of the oil regularly. Fresh oil is yellow and fluid but as it wears out it gets dark and sticky, which means it’s high time you changed it. Please look closely as well, if there is enough oil used for grinding. Too low level will make the grinding wheel dull too quickly. It’s recommended to cleanse the wheel from time to time using a brush with a solvent or extraction gasoline. It will allow the wheel to work effectively for a long time.

How much oil does my sharpener need?

Depending on the sharpener model:

  • BMS250 - The oil level should be kept between 4.5 and 5 litres.
  • BMS500/600 - The oil level should be kept between 8.5 and 10 litres.

Periodically check the oil level and refill with oil as necessary.

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