Savklinge E100 / EG100

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Description Savklinge E100 / EG100

Wood-Mizer is the exclusive manufacturer of this saw. All cutting tools are marked with Wood-Mizer logo which means that they are designed at the highest standards and manufactured only from top quality raw materials. In case of saws, the steel and carbide used for their production comes from Germany and Switzerland.

The saw is black in color which means that a special layer is applied onto it, preventing the chips and sawdust to stick to the surface during its operation. Blackening of the saw prevents also the body from overheating and it decreases friction. As a result you can work with the saw longer and raise the efficiency of timber production in your plant. The special black layer is obtained through burning in high-temperature kilns.

Carbide material guarantees extreme durability and high sharpness of the saw. Carbide tips are fitted into little slots made in the saw disc body through soldering process. In case of this saw, the tips are of straight shape.

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Specifications Savklinge E100 / EG100
Diameter 250 mm
Bore Diameter 16 mm
Antal savklingetænder 20
Number of Raker Teeth 2
Plate Thickness 2.2 mm
Savbladtykkelse 3.5 mm
Material Soft Wood
Hard Wood
Type of Cut Rip-cut
Compatible with EG100
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